Daily Deposit Scheme

Saving money I s saving future .So Symbiosis credit co-operative society limited is presenting you a unique daily saving scheme. Through this scheme you can save a small amount daily. After some time that small saving is change in a big capital. Which can help you to increase your business, to help your child’s education, to help your daughter marriage, to help you to make a home & other etcetera requirements.


To develop saving habits of our valuable members through small saving schemes, and to up lift their social status.

s. No. Minimum Investment Amount Tenure in Month Sum Deposit Maturity
Interest Rate % Maturity Amount
1 50 12 18000 6 18600 (Approx)
2 20 24 14400 8 15660 (Approx)
3 10 36 10800 10 12640 (Approx)


Terms & Conditions

  • Every adult member can become our account holder single & jointly both.
  • Minor can also become our member & deposit on behalf of guardian.
  • To Open New account applicant will be given three passport size photographs & add, ID proof submit within proposal form.

Secured Loan Facility

  1. After 12 months of deposit date 60% secured loan will be paid on deposit amount.
  2. After 18 months & above 75% loan will be paid on deposit amount.
  3. Rate of interest on secured loan will be charged@2.00% monthly compound.
  4. Secured loan applicable only in Regular account.

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